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The Ashes 2010: Australia v England – day one live!Edit

27th over: Australia 69-5 (Hussey 29, Haddin 0) Haddin is beaten by each of his first two deliveries. Tremlett's figures are 10-2-21-3. In an unrelated development, you'll notice that we have a fixed advert at the top of the OBO page. For Cricinfo. And their ball-by-ball coverage. Of the Ashes. Bye everyone! "I have just had a meeting with my manager," says Jo Staniforth. "She has gently chided me for bragging about the cricket as some of my colleagues "may be sensitive about that sort of thing'. Sensitive? Aussies?? Well a) they don't exactly hold back themselves and b) even if they are, tough!!"

WICKET! Australia 69-5 (Smith c Strauss b Tremlett 7) This is extremely good cricket from England. Smith had just pulled unconvincingly for two so Tremlett pitched one up, found the edge of Smith's leaden-footed poke with a smidgin of seam movement, and Strauss at first slip took an accomplished low catch to his right. Smith probably didn't need to go fishing outside off stump – "tepid" says Bumble in the Sky box – but it was really good from England. Tremlett has been outstanding today, and not just for his frankly terrifying Popeye forearms.

27th over: Australia 67-4 (Hussey 29, Smith 5) Jimmy Anderson starts after lunch. His morning figures of 9-3-15-1 flattered him in a way that Alan Mullally's often did, because he didn't make the batsmen play nearly enough. He's not at his best in that over either, and Hussey and Smith scamper a couple of singles. These two are busy little bees – I say bees in the sense of, well, bees, rather than effs and cees – and if you'd imagine they will try to push England hard in the field if the partnership develops. Ocean city maryland bayfront hotels Newark hotels new jersey Ocean city maryland dog friendly hotels This is the most magnificiently naff thing I've read since, well, his last email "Somewhere below should be an email that Bull rightly rejected," says Mac Millings. "Luckily, you have no such standards. .

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