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The number of victims of a local tsunami off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra has reached 108, more than 500 people were missing, reports Tuesday news portal

Previously reported 31 dead and 190 missing as a result of three-meter waves that struck on Monday night for a few islands in the path of the tsunami in the archipelago Mentavey province of West Sumatra, the total number of victims and missing persons could eventually exceed 400.

"According to latest figures, 108 people died and 502 were missing," - said the head of the Office for Disaster province of West Sumatra Harmenshah (Harmensyah).

It is already clear that the death toll will continue to grow, experts say.

"Our preliminary reports indicate that a number of villages on the west coast of the island PAGE-Selatan, such Malokapak and Bulasat, razed to the ground," - said the portal Officer acting on Mentavey charity Rakhmadiyev (Rachmadi).

"Russian citizens among the dead and missing is not," - said on Wednesday the head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia, Vladimir Pronin.

Caused a local tsunami earthquake of magnitude 7.2 on the Richter scale was felt even in Singapore. National Directorate of Meteorology, climatology and geophysics (NUMKG) of Indonesia has given warning of the possibility of a tsunami, which was canceled after both the coastline of islands Mentavey hit three-meter waves. However, before the wave reached the coast of Sumatra has already weakened, and their height there was less than 46 centimeters.

The epicenter of a powerful quake was located 78 km south-west of the island PAGE-Selatan (province of West Sumatra), and the center was located about ten kilometers beneath the Indian Ocean. Throughout the night and morning around the same area occurred more than ten earthquakes with magnitude from 5,0 to 6,2 on the Richter scale. Tuesday night was followed by at least three such shocks, the frightened inhabitants of the archipelago, who are afraid to return home.

As reported by Antara national news head of disaster management of the island-PAGE Selatan Dzhoskamatir (Joskamatir), has convulsed the coast of the wave, retreating back into the sea, carried away about 40 fishermen on the shore of the village Muntay. In addition, missing dozens of villagers Muntay Bahru and Malokapak, whose number is being specified, he added. In the village of Beta-Monga damaged up to 80% of the homes, said local official Hardimanshah (Hardimansyah).

"Family members are still looking for relatives that are scattered poems ... Of the 200 residents of the village (so far) managed to find only 40. The remaining 160, mostly women and children, yet unaccounted for," - said Dzhoskamatir.

Broken down on the shore of a small hotel for surfers, and stood at its mooring boats abandoned in the jungle.

Is located near the epicenter of the most powerful quake ship Southern Cross, which was carrying nine Australian tourists, the Australian captain and co-Japanese, lost, and with it can not be contacted, said employee company shipowner Julia (Yuli).

A series of aftershocks have left the population of several small islands without phone service, and authentic scale disaster is just beginning to dawn. Islands Mentavey declared a natural disaster, there are moved quickly search and rescue teams and aid.

However, the transfer of aid to the victims and the rescue work difficult giant waves off the western coast of Sumatra. In particular, reports Antara, they twice thwarted on Tuesday by sending the sea, and is currently being moved to the Indonesian navy warship, the disaster area with medical and relief supplies on board. His arrival to the islands Mentavey expected on Wednesday, and until that message to them is only possible by air.

Indonesia - the world record holder in both the number of active volcanoes, and on what is happening in its territory to earthquakes. World's largest archipelago, is part of the so-called Pacific "Ring of Fire" - a horseshoe-shaped band of volcanoes and tectonic faults with a length of 40 thousand kilometers. It encircles the Pacific Ocean, passing along the coast of North and South America to southern Alaska, and then turns to Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, and ends near the island of New Guinea, New Zealand and south-western Pacific. It is in the "Ring of Fire" is almost 90% of the estimated 1.5 thousand well-known volcanoes of the planet. In the same place 90% of all earthquakes on Earth.

Less than two weeks ago, the agency Antara reported with reference to the study of the Academy of Sciences (LIPI) countries, that at any moment is on the island of Sumatra may occur magnitude earthquake 8.9 on the Richter scale.

However, data from this study should not "terrorize" people said, told the agency in the provincial capital of West Sumatra city of Padang employee of a local university Andalas Elfin Mira (Mira Elfina). It's just a reminder that local residents should remain vigilant and keep a constant readiness for such natural disasters, she added.

Conducted by geologists LIPI research indicates that the likely epicenter of a powerful shock will be located in an area or Sipora Siberut Island off the west coast of Sumatra. Previous to this conclusion not just come in and other professionals, stressing at the same time that the phrase "at any time" does not necessarily mean "tomorrow" or even "during the year." We are talking about a few decades.

In 2009, victims of a series of powerful earthquakes in West Sumatra province have more than one thousand people. According to provincial authorities, the tremors damaged nearly 265,000 buildings, completely destroying more than 135,000 of them.

In 2004, the western coast of Sumatra, there was the strongest in the world in the last 40 years earthquake. Caused by the tsunami claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in 12 Indian Ocean countries.

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