Among the disparate groups of Barack Obama's detractors, the conspiracy theorists known as the 'birthers', who claim he is an alien interloper trying to destroy America from within, are among the most tenacious. Now the new governor of Hawaii has vowed to take them on and end the speculation.

Neil Abercrombie, who took over the governor's office in Honolulu this month, is pledging to burst the birther bubble. "I'm going to take care of that," he told the New York Times.

For Abercrombie, the dispute is personal. He was a friend of Obama's parents, Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama the elder who was studying at the University of Hawaii on an exchange from his native Kenya.

Though Abercrombie was not present at the birth of the younger Barack at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynaecological hospital on 4 August 1961, he did get to see the baby thereafter. He regards the ongoing background noise of doubts surrounding Obama's US citizenship as an insult to his late friends.

"[Obama's] a big boy; he can take sticks and stones. But there's no reason on earth to have the memory of his parents insulted by people whose motivation is solely political. Let's put this particular canard to rest," he said.

The governor is working with Hawaii's attorney general and health department to find ways of producing definitive evidence of Obama's Hawaiian birth. Full disclosure is restricted under the state's privacy laws.

The idea that Obama is not a natural-born American first surfaced in 2008 during the presidential campaign. In an attempt to kill it, the Obama campaign released his certificate of live birth and allowed it to be closely studied by fact-checking websites who declared it authentic.

Birth notices were also confirmed from the time in the local Honolulu Advertiser.

But at every stage, the birthers have responded with further demands and additional objections.

Orly Taitz, a prominent birther based in California, said that even if Abercrombie produced everything she would be suspicious of his motives. "To me this sounds like a very coordinated effort. As soon as a friend of the Obama family gets into the governor's office he has access to all the documents. I would put nothing past this establishment."

Taitz said she would only be satisfied if she and a private detective she works with were granted access to all the original paper work and allowed to carry out tests.

Earlier this month an army doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, was sentenced to six months in prison and thrown out of the military after he failed to turn up for a tour of duty in Afghanistan, arguing that because of Obama's foreign birth his orders as commander-in-chief were illegal.

Taitz said that she was now trying to turn the Lakin story into a musical, and is appealing for Andrew Lloyd Webber to contact her.

The birthers will be focusing their efforts in the new year to pushing so-called "elegibility bills" onto the floor of individual state assemblies. These would require any future presidential or vice-presidential candidate to produce their birth certificates ahead of mounting a bid for the White House.

Proposals are likely to be brought in a number of states, including Arizona which has already passed such a measure in its House of Representatives, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, New Hampshire and Oklahoma. An attempt to pass an eligibility bill at federal level failed in Congress last year.

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